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Using the Library

Add a reference to WatTvdb.dll to you project.

The main api class is Tvdb in the WatTvdb.V1 namespace. The constructor takes your API key. Instructions to obtain an API key can be found here.

WatTvdb.V1.Tvdb api = new Tvdb("apikey");

Available Methods

According to the API documentation this method is actually deprecated, although it still works. The documentation suggests hard coding the one and only path...
TvdbMirrors GetMirrors()

Get Server Time

The API documentation has a suggested set of steps under "Initial Database Processing" for getting started. It suggests to get the current server time and record this as a baseline time to be used later when querying the API for data changes since this time.
TvdbServerTime GetServerTime()

Get Languages

Used to get a list of all the languages used in TheTVDB
List<TvdbLanguage> GetLanguages()

Search Series

This is the main method for searching for Television Series names.
List<TvdbSeriesSeachItem> SearchSeries (string search)

Series Base Record
The base record contains all information available for a Series. It does not include any banner, season or episode information. The XMLMirror is obtained from the GetMirrors method above.
TvdbSeriesBase GetSeriesBaseRecord (string XMLMirror, int SeriesId)

Full Series Record
Result contains all available information for a Series, including information on all the episodes. Note this is quite a large request. Note the Language parameter is optional, if you pass null, the method will automatically use "en".
TvdbSeriesFull GetSeriesFullRecord (string XMLMirror, int SeriesId, string Language)

Series Banners
Contains all the series and season banners for a series. Possible values for BannerType are fanart, episode, poster, actors, season, and series.
List<TvdbBanner> GetSeriesBanners (string XMLMirror, int SeriesId)

Important Note: the path to a banner provided in this method is not the full url, eg text/80348.jpg, this path needs to be combined with the url of the banner mirror, and the folder /banners/. This example would become You must download the file before including in an application, you cannot hot link the image url using <img> for example. See helper methods GetImageUrl, and GetImage to assist dealing with the banners etc.

Series Actors
Contains all the actors for the series.
List<TvdbActor> GetSeriesActors (string XMLMirror, int SeriesId)

Get Episode
Contains the base record for the Episode. The EpisodeId can be retrieved from the GetSeriesFullRecord method.
TvdbEpisode GetEpisode (string XMLMirror, int EpisodeId, string Language)

Get Series Episode

Similar to the GetEpisode method except you use the Season and Episode numbers, eg Season 1, and Episode 1, useful if you don't have the EpisodeId.
TvdbEpisode GetSeriesEpisode (string XMLMirror, int SeriesId, int SeasonNum, int EpisodeNum, string Language)

Get Updates
Use this method periodically to get a list of all the series, episodes, and banners records that have been updated in a specific timeframe.
TvdbUpdates GetUpdates (string XMLMirror, TvdbUpdatePeriod Period)

Get Updates Since

Takes a timestamp and returns the updates since that time, eg use the value returned in GetServerTime. After using this method and processing the results, make sure you record a new timestamp so you don't retrieve the same updates again.
TvdbUpdateItems GetUpdatesSince (string XMLMirror, Int64 LastTime)

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